july recap & august goals

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Wow. After June, I definitely thought my summer was going to take a lull – no trips planned for July, just focusing on packing and moving. Funny how things always seem to pop up! Let’s take a look at this awesome month:

IMG_2745I celebrated the holiday with my co-workers. After working a shift and managing to escape to reach a different party, I almost immediately turned back around. I’ve spent all of my Nashville holidays on the same patio there – but with a view like this, can you really blame me?

IMG_2756This was the fourth anniversary of the shooting, and since I recently marathoned Parks & Recreation, I declared it #TreatYoSelf2015! I spent the majority of the day poolside at one of my favorite Nashville spots with a friend before going shopping and then catching a show.

IMG_2754In a moment that could only happen in Nashville, I got to see one of my favorite writers play a free festival… capped by a middle-of-the-night (not so) secret Counting Crows performance. Outlaw Roadshow was truly one of the best days I’ve spent in Nashville, and I was just a beat away from booking a flight to catch the festival in New York in October… because who wouldn’t want to be an outlaw?

IMG_2750I went to the Nashville Zoo for the first time, and made friends with this little babe! She really got hold of my shoe thinking it looked like a tasty snack for her.

IMG_2752Then, as I recapped – we went waterfall hiking to celebrate my Nashversary. It was a super relaxing day down at Greeter Falls. As much as I love the city, it’s nice sometimes to escape and get back to my roots. 


July Goals

Stay in Nashville (aka, no fire alarm trips to Cincinnati) check, although there was one particularly trying day in which I almost went home, and I did nearly buy a plane ticket to be home for my grandpa’s surgery
Be totally moved to the new place by July 24 delayed
Get finances organized again
Set up IRA contributions
Update will and beneficiaries (morbid but important!)

August Goals

Move in one day
Run three times/week
Get planner up-to-date
Make Nashville concert calendar
Be fully unpacked in the new apartment by the time I leave for Canada
Go out no more than two times/week