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listen to the mitten / tune tuesday

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In honor of the recent recognition by Thrillist that Michigan is the best state in the nation (because DUH, it totally is, and how can a list on the internet be wrong), I thought I would do another Listen to the Mitten edition of Tune Tuesday. Whenever I get to hear great new Michigan music, the first thing I do is add it to my playlist (and force everyone I know to listen to it.)

And of course Michigan is the best state – where else would Stephen Colbert hijack a public access station and interview Eminem, one of our state’s greatest prides?

Citizen Speaking With a Ghost
overnight it’s getting cold, when every day is different in Michigan you never know. it’s been a while since you’ve called, I’m speaking with a ghost and I’m wondering how you’re making out.

Matt Nathanson Detroit Waves
all of Detroit waves goodnight, spread out beneath me now. if I could, if I could change, believe me, I would.

Sweet Japonic Two O’Clock Sirens
I could hear those sirens singin’, leaving me no choice but to follow through

Mayer Hawthorne Her Favorite Song
friday night at the scene is bright at Avalon. walked straight to the bar in her party dress. told the bartender pour her a shot and make it strong because she needed cheering up, she proceeded to get drunk

Half Light Music On the Floor
just look over your shoulder, ’cause I won’t let you in