june recap & july goals

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June was such a whirlwind! It was great to do so much travel, but it made it hard to get stay organized and on-goals while I was at home. There’s always more time to catch up on that kind of stuff, though – this year I’ve really been trying to focus on experiences and balancing out fun with work, and this was the perfect month.

I headed home to Cincinnati for a quick trip to visit the family before departing back to Nashville to hang out with a friend from college who I haven’t seen in a very long time. I had a great weekend with her, and our mini college reunion was a great way to finally make this city feel like home.


After her trip here, I headed up to Boston to visit Dani! I am already itching to get back there since I think we managed to leave some of the waffle fries uneaten.


After that, I was back home for a few days before taking off to Siesta Key, Florida, for some more family time. NP and family go every year, and I was finally lucky enough to get to join them this year. I understand why they’ve been going back for twenty years, and why it’s been voted the best beach in the USA. It was a great place to unwind, refresh, and regroup.



  • Get rid of 30 bags of “stuff” before the move I just wasn’t home enough to worry about cleaning or packing
  • Have seasonal and non-nessecities ready to move see above, but I did get most of my books and DVDs packed away.
  • Find and book a moving company or U-Haul I found one, just haven’t booked yet as I don’t have a firm move date
  • Return all impulse purchases
  • Stay on my Boston trip budget check. I spent surprisingly little in Boston – go team!
  • Pay $800 to student loans
  • Renew passport
  • Sell my old car
  • Find a new desk Found one but not buying until I move.
  • Sign up for a half marathon and start training with three runs per week I signed up and started training toward the end of the month

Overall, it’s pretty much what I expected.

July Goals

  • Stay in Nashville (aka, no fire alarm trips to Cincinnati)
  • Be totally moved to the new place by July 24
  • Get finances organized again
    • Set up IRA contributions
    • Update will and beneficiaries (morbid but important!)

With moving this month, I really think this is all I can/should be taking on. I have a history (as evidenced by June!) of trying to do way too much, so I’m working to take a step back and get things back together.

What are you working on this July?