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The Hoboroll was designed by hikers for really outdoorsy types, which is great! Their experience has developed the perfect tote-along – I’ve even used it on race days before. Last year, they redesigned the bag and added a bunch of great new features, including changing the material to a much more lightweight and portable fabric. The Hoboroll now scrunches up into its own built-in pocket, which makes it great for travel – if you don’t need the extra organization on the way to your destination, it’s a great way to separate out your dirty laundry on the way home, or aide in fitting all your vacation purchases back into your bag. It’s small and lightweight, so it packs up nicely into a larger bag for travel, and the fabric dries quickly when wet (though it’s not completely waterproof.) They’ve also developed a padded shoulder strap, so it’s a totally hands-free pack now as well!



With the newly redesigned Hoboroll, I thought I would try it at the pool. I set out my pool day accoutrement and started loading up the roll. It’s extremely roomy, and the separate compartments make it easy to organize. The Hoboroll features two drawstrings at either end so you can secure the bag, so I pulled one of the cords to create the bag’s end.


There are five sections in the bag, plus the zipped pocket. I tucked my Turkish towel and tanning oil in one pocket, rolled up some magazines (and later stuck a water bottle) in one compartment, and things like sunscreen, lotion, and deodorant in another. One pocket held an extra bathing suit, and in the last spot, I packed in a t-shirt and shorts to change into after the water. In the zippered pocket, I stuck some snacks, chapstick, and a Nuun tab to stay hydrated. Once everything was in place, I pulled the drawstring, and I was ready to go!


The features in the new bag make it great for travel or hiking – I can’t wait to take it with me on an overnight hike later this summer. I know I’ll have space for extra shoes, clothes, snacks, and toiletries – and the shoulder strap will be so convenient to keep my hands free. Learn more about the Hoboroll and get yourself one at GobiGear’s website!

What would you use a Hoboroll for?

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