may recap & june goals

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May was such a great month full of family time with a quick trip back to Michigan with NP and the kids, then I rode back down to Nashville with mom for a great staycation and girls getaway to the Smokies. I miss her so much, and I’m pretty sure that my co-workers like her more than me based on the number of people who asked for a week after she left if she was joining me for my shift that evening, and who continue to ask how she is doing!



After she left, I got to have a quick reunion with a lot of my college buds. Even though many of them live in the same city, it’s hard for us to carve out time to see each other, so it’s nice when we’re all able to come together at conferences.


I got to see one of my bucket list artists, Butch Walker, in my favorite venue here – and even followed that up with a secret show the following day at a radio station here in town where I was able to meet him (and fell all over myself trying to speak because words are hard.)


Then on Memorial Day, my friends and I miraculously had the same full day off, so we planned a great pool party! Unfortunately mother nature had other plans and it rained on our parade, but we still made the best with an indoor potluck… and then the power went out too. Luckily my friends are all megatalented musicians and we were armed and ready with a deck of Cards Against Humanity, so we still had a great day.

  • Work out 4x/week Yep! The DeskCycle has been a gamechanger for me here.
  • Track all meals and eat at home 80% of the time I definitely didn’t track all of my meals, but I do think I ate at home 80% of the time. I’m really focusing on cutting wayyyyy back on eating out now that I’m home more.
  • Pay off $1000 to debt check
  • Find somewhere new to live I came down to the wire on this, but I put down a deposit on a new place here in Nashville. 
  • Track and analyze spending

June sees another month full of travel and preparation to relocate once more. I’m still not totally sure where I’m heading, but I’m hoping I can at least prepare somewhat and have a plan come July 31 when the lease is up!

  • Get rid of 30 bags of “stuff” before the move
  • Have seasonal and non-nessecities ready to move
  • Find and book a moving company or U-Haul
  • Return all impulse purchases
  • Stay on my Boston trip budget
  • Pay $800 to student loans
  • Renew passport
  • Sell my old car
  • Find a new desk
  • Post three times per week
  • Sign up for a half marathon and start training with three runs per week

What are your focus goals for June?