ready for the sun: a quick and easy diy scrub to get ready for summer!

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SUMMER IS COMING! I just want to shout it from the mountaintops to make it come just that more quickly. In the hopes of making the heat stick sooner rather than later, I recently partook in every girl’s least favorite summer tradition: the annual shearing. All winter, most of us (especially us singles) can get away without shaving our legs. This is of course all subjective – some people love to have fresh legs all winter, and some people go au natural year round. To each his or her own.

There are two scrubs that I absolutely love to use on my legs to get them super soft and smooth. The exfoliation they provide make me feel like a new person, too. Pop the top of your favorite seasonal beer and head to your kitchen – you probably already have all these ingredients in your pantry!

I like to make mine in small batches for one or two uses at a time. For the coffee scrub, I just used my morning coffee grounds. Repurposing! I dumped them into a mason jar with an equal amount of coconut oil. Mix in about half as much white sugar (the exfoliant,) and post up in your tub for relaxation. The caffeine in the coffee grounds is supposed to be good for tightening up cellulite – definitely a bonus! (Word of caution, though – you’ll have to do some heavy cleanup here after the bath drains because the grounds float to the top.

If you don’t like coffee (who even are you, is my first question), try making up just the sugar and coconut oil scrub. Really massage it into your calves to get them awake and wash away the dead skin, and for a super close shave, substitute this in for your shaving cream.

What’s your favorite way to relax and get ready for the summer sun?