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Last night was another one of the greatest musical moments of my life – I’ve been lucky to have a lot of those lately! In January, Ryan Adams announced two nights at the Ryman, and I HAD to go. Without thinking and $50 later, I was the lucky owner of a ticket to one of the most popular shows that will come to Nashville probably for the entire time I’ll live here. I have seen him previously (in 2012 at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival, which is still one of the best bills I’ve ever seen) but I wasn’t as into him as I am now. To get to see him at the Ryman was super special, and I’ve been excited for months. A friend and I spent the day texting each other our dream setlist (which ended up being most of his catalog) and the show was even more than I could have hoped for or expected when he brought Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires out for a few songs. Since I’m still coming down from the show, today’s Tune Tuesday is all about the man!

The Rescue Blues: everybody wants to see you fall, that’s why they always love to get you high / and everybody knows you need the pain so much, lady / well, keep in touch, baby

Oh My God, Whatever, Etc: if I could I’d fold myself away like a card table / a concertina or a murphy bed, I would but I wasn’t made that way so you know instead / I’m open all night and the customers come to stay and everyone tips but not enough to knock me over and “I’m so tired,” I just worked two shifts

Do I Wait: do I want to say the things that I say when I know that they are wrong? / do I wait here forever for you? could you ask me to? / do you watch me from the corner of your eye? do we say goodbye?

Stay With Me: I love you baby, just treat me right / hold me closer in the middle of the night / I love you girl, and it’s alright / stay with me, stay with me

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