March Recap & April Goals

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RABBIT! What does that even mean? I didn’t know it was a thing until I went to college and people were shouting it out their dorm room windows. It’s still confusing to me. Anyway, on to the recap!

March Recap

  • Work out four times per week how about “work out precisely 0 times during the entire month?” I achieved that!
  • Blog three times per week nope, but definitely getting back there!
  • Make an extra $1,000 beyond my day job check. Since my “primary job” changed early in the month, I’m not sure of the exact amount yet, but it was over $1,000!
  • Track all spending the day it is spent and input into budget calling this a soft pass, because I did manage to input spending at least once a week
  • Finish & launch new blog layout clearly no, but I did a lot of good prep work for it
  • Read two books
  • Sell car
  • Make 5 year plan and vision board and I did it in Trello!
  • Do yoga five times per week see above re: working out.

This was a rebuilding month, and a month where I went out and Did Things. I rang it in by being stuck in DC and working from the airport, trying to fly home after a very quick trip back to Michigan…


Then I toasted to new beginnings and said goodbye to a friend as she moved off to LA to live the dream.

Of course I went off to Charlottesville to see Fleetwood (and eat at my favorite burger place with my best friend):


We also said #GoodbyeGlee with unlimited pasta and breadstix, Slushies, and lots of tears.

But that brought a happy hello from my favorite Michigan summer sign, Bell’s Oberon (I might have made a trip to Kentucky with a friend to buy some. That makes me feel like a bootlegger. Am I a bootlegger? Is this illegal? It’s too delicious to care.)


Looking forward at April, I’m ready for some spring energy and color to come back to my life!

April Goals

  • Go to karaoke (ya, I know, but I love it)
  • Save & earmark $500 for when mama llama comes to visit next month
  • Set up direct debit on my student loans (again) and car payment
  • Check one thing off my Nashville bucket list
  • Actually launch new blog layout
  • Actually sell car
  • Clean out closet & do a massive purge
  • Work out three times per week

And that’s it. I think it’s important (and I definitely learned in March) that I’m still being too overambitious with a lot of things because my middle name is clearly Overextend. NP and I signed up for a Flying Pig race, though, so I definitely need to get on working out otherwise the hills of Cincinnati are going to get the best of me! Mama Llama is coming in May, so I really want to have enough saved to treat her to some fun and go on a shopping trip. Plus she really wants to head to the Smokies for a weekend, so I need to sock away enough cash to stock up on my favorite wines. Now that I think about it, maybe I should up that $500… 🙂

What’s on your priority list for April?