Get Organized With Trello!

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elieve it or not, I’m an organization freak. I am married to my planner, I keep a rough schedule at my fingertips via Google Calendar, and I’ve tried out more to-do list apps and schedulers than I can count. Recently, I was introduced to Trello, and it’s everything I wanted and more from a scheduler.

IMG_0911.PNGIn short, Trello is “the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything.” Since I downloaded it, I really have been using it for everything – blog management, work projects, daily to-dos, grocery lists, on and on. It’s available for computers as well as mobile devices, which makes it easy to keep track of your boards wherever you are.

Each board is made up of Lists, which you can then add Cards to. Then, for further organization (and what makes it better than a normal to-do list) you can add more information under each card, including checklists, attachments, due dates, color-coded labels, and comments. You can even add other users to each card, helping to facilitate communication across organizations or teams.

For my blog Trello board, I have lists of post ideas, and as I write and schedule the post, I drag the card over to the “done” list so I know that it’s no longer pending.

trello boards
I also have a Card where I’m managing all the things that go into a blog redesign and launch (complete with a colorful header to inspire me as I’m staring at code all day!)


Right now, in addition to work and blog projects, I’m working on boards to organize my upcoming move this summer, as well as planning out activities for my mom’s trip to Nashville this summer. Trello makes it easy to keep all relevant information in one place, allowing confirmation attachments to be added to cards, as well as links to purchase tickets or manage reservations, and even image uploads (I’ve been screenshotting Google Maps and uploading those images to the Cards.) Since all this information can be viewed on mobile and stored on your phone (no hoping for cell service up in the mountains,) Trello is definitely trumping Pinterest as my preferred method of vacation planning.

IMG_0917.PNGIf you’re interested in trying out Trello, please consider using my referral link! This post is not sponsored in any way – I just really love this app.

How do you organize your life? Are you primarily digital, or do you keep everything written old-school (like me!)