February Recap & March Goals

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February Recap

  • Stay on budget
    • Pay off one credit card done! I actually paid off two (but one is my Target store card, which I pay in full every time I use it, so I’m not sure it counts.)
  • February spending freeze! While I did not do this, I also didn’t TOTALLY fall off the wagon, and most of the spending has been Michigan trip related anyway, so half-pass.
  • Do my taxes done
  • Work out four times/week nope. I worked out twice all month.
  • Blog three times/week nope
  • Save $1,000
  • Pick up one freelance client half-pass. I lined something up for someone in the next couple of months.
  • Make sure all outstanding returns are in fact returned done
  • 15 No Spend Days success!

March Goals

  • Work out four times per week
  • Blog three times per week
  • Make an extra $1,000 beyond my day job
  • Track all spending the day it is spent and input into budget
  • Finish & launch new blog layout
  • Read two books
  • Sell car
  • Make 5 year plan and vision board
  • Do yoga five times per week

There are some spoilers involving my goals that I haven’t really revealed here on the blog yet, like hey! I bought a new car! Mercifully, my months of running nonstop are coming to an end, and I’ll be more available to have a life and do more things. I love working all the time, but I want to make the most of my time in Nashville. 

What are your goals this month?