February 2015 Faves

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Contrary to that image, ice has NOT been one of my favorite things this month. The last week has basically had Nashville shut down – not fun. It’s mostly melted now, but the roads are all torn up with potholes and

IMG_6312Lipstick: I’ve been loving e.l.f.’s Studio Matte Lip Color in Rich Red for months now. It’s only the second lipstick I’ve ever repurchased (the other being MAC’s Viva Glam 2). I have long searched for the “perfect” red, and I’m lucky that my soulmate rouge is only $3 and can be found at Target, Walgreen’s, and other similar retailers.

App: VSOCam. It’s kind of an older app, but it’s still one of my favorite photo editors. I put almost everything through this bad boy and it makes me look great.

vanderpump rules pinot grigio gif

TV: It’s no secret that I love trashy TV, but even I have always considered myself to have some basica morals. No longer do I feel that way, as I’ve recently broken my “I will never watch a Real Housewives series or spinoff!” Since I work in a restaurant now, my coworkers and I have become obsessed with Vanderpump Rules.

Fitness: For years, I’ve wanted to get into yoga. The closest I’ve ever really gotten is Blogilates, and while I do love that, I wanted something a little more “traditional.” I recently found Yoga With Adriene when a friend sent it a long, and we’ve really enjoyed it. Adriene is a great teacher and she makes everything feel very possible and not out of reach.

gone girl

Movie: I’m not a big movie fan at all, but last night I just felt like it was a great night to curl up under blankets and rent a movie on demand. We picked Gone Girl, and it was such a great movie. I hadn’t read the book first (I’m typically a stickler for that) but I wanted to see the film before I got spoiled on anything. Those kinds of psychological thrillers are my favorites, and this one DEFINITELY did not disappoint. And hey, Neil Patrick Harris played a character inspired by me! 🙂 the film ended and Sixx and I had a great conversation about truth and relationships. It’s all very interesting and the movie is now one of my favorites.

Food: My favorite treat continues to be the pumpkin muffins I posted a recipe for last year. I make them for every party and occasionally just for days to take into the office. If you’re making them as mini muffins, pop them out of the oven about two minutes before the regular recipe calls for.

Podcast: After devouring and obessing over Serial with the rest of the world last year, I’ve gotten really into true crime podcasts. My BFF found Sword & Scale shortly after Serial ended and she quickly devoured the whole series. I’ve been slower to get into it, but I really enjoy it. The more Dateline I watch and true crime I read, I really question if music is right for me and if maybe I shouldn’t be in criminology!

What were your winter faves?