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Boohoo Christmas Sweater Review

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I have looked for years to find the perfect Christmas sweater. In college, when I had ugly sweater parties every weekend, I would scour Goodwill to find something that would pass: anything not falling apart or dirty beyond saving, something that would fit my plus size bod, and maybe most importantly and hardest to fulfill: the elusive “ugly cute.” Once I moved beyond the ug-session,  I looked for classy and classic tops for family parties (which was a little laughable – my family does dressed down everything, so I usually ended up in a t-shirt and cardigan or sweatshirt and called it a day.)

Now, the Christmas parties are back, but I don’t want to be in anything ugly, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable that I might find at a thrift shop just so I could say I fit with the theme. Enter They have fantastic holiday sweaters that fit a range of personalities: from the classy fair isle-style Reindeer sweater (or jumper – they are British!) to the cute and sassy “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” off-shoulder top to something a little more stereotypically “ugly”, I knew I would definitely find something perfect for me at Boohoo. And the jackpot I did find with this baby:


Santa’s Favourite Blonde.” Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I LOVE being blonde (in fact, it’s the first thing listed in my bio here!) I knew that this was THE sweater for me – plus, it will double as a great shirt to wear to Santa’s Pub here in Nashville all year!

Shipping was fast, and the quality of the shirt is great. After one wash, the “itchy” feeling went away, and it didn’t seem to shrink at all. (I will note that when I received the sweater, there was a loose thread coming at the shoulder where the arm meets the body of the sweater, but it doesn’t seem to be budging at all. I’m going to just trim it down.)

The best part about Boohoo is that they also offer many of their awesome styles in PLUS SIZE as well. I’m finding this to be more and more common from British based sites vs. American stores. They had so many great designs and sayings, I really had trouble picking just one! I’m really happy with the quality and speed of the order, and will definitely add them to my online shopping list of favorites.

What is your favorite sweater over on Boohoo? What is your “Christmas sweater style”?