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A Day in the Life

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It’s been a few months since my last A Day in the Life post, and things are quite different now! Follow me around last Thursday and check out how an Artist Relations/Venue Host’s day looks.

In my dream world, I’m able to sleep until 6:30, but there’s a car with muffler problems that conveniently parks right outside my open window, so at 5:30am, I wake up. I lay in bed for an hour checking e-mail, blogging, watching Netflix – as you do in the morning when you can’t sleep. By 7:10, I’m in my car and sitting in that great Nashville traffic I complain about all the time 🙂 Once I get to work I make coffee and a cappucino, fill my water bottle, and prepare my day – I aim to be in the office at least 20 minutes before anyone else so I can clear my head and get myself ready.

morning coffee
This is the biggest coffee cup I own, therefore it is my favorite. (These are also the biggest headphones I own.)

My job mostly entails processing artist submissions, so all day I listen to music (hence the giant headphones.) I evaluate and grade submissions and catalog them in a database to be passed on. I also work with artist managers and talent to coordinate mentorships as well as sponsors to oversee prize fulfillment with a little design and PR mixed in for good measure. (My job is pretty fucking cool, to be honest.) Right now we’re hiring interns and I’ll oversee that program as well. If anyone wants to move to Nashville and be my intern, holla! 😉 By 8:30 I’ve taken stock of any overnight e-mails or submissions and it’s on to the second cup of coffee or espresso – repeat until around 12:30.

For lunch I either bring something from home or walk down to the nearby Kroger and pick something up. We go out as an office frequently which is nice, but today I headed to the grocery store and picked up a late lunch to eat in the office to compensate for not having time to eat dinner.


After lunch we usually have brainstorming sessions or casual office meetings. Today, it looked like this (I’m still totally loving Postmodern Jukebox):


Between 4:30 and 5 I wrap up my day and brave the Nashville traffic. It’s a Thursday and normally that would mean Shondaland date night with my BFF, but I’m working at the venue tonight. So instead of cuddling up on my couch with my laptop and Skype, I’m heading downtown to sling merch for the performers.


I’m settled and counted out by 11:30, and at that time I can usually get home in 20 minutes to be in bed by midnight with my cuddly pillow and Garbanzo, my stuffed camel.


What’s a day in your life like?