Tune Tuesday: Music Video Week

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It’s been AAAAAAGES since my last Tune Tuesday post – we were overdue. For a bit of a change, here are some videos I’m loving this fall.

Tove Lo, “Stay High (Habits)”

you’re gone & I gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind… To merely say I love this song is not strong enough language. Sixx has been here for all of 48 hours and he already never wants to hear it again, since I have it on repeat basically nonstop. The music video is cool too.

Sam Smith, “I’m Not The Only One”

you say I’m crazy cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done, but when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one Another great music video with my queen, Diana Agron, and king Danny Castellano. The video might be making a comeback guys, YouTube might actually bring back what MTV is forsaking us.

Vance Joy, “Riptide”

This song is finally everywhere and I love it – a friend introduced me to it a year ago and I love hearing it when I’m out and about. The music video is weird and apparently I’m into weird lately.

Panic! At the Disco, “It’s Almost Halloween”

Because of course. You can’t celebrate October without this jam.