Make-Up & Hair Ritual

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daily face ritual/make-up applicationphoto via death to stock photo

As soon as I got in my apartment I knew I would have to install at least one shelf in my bathroom to get my makeup products out of the sink – the original apartment they showed me featured a huge counter in the bathroom, which was one of my selling points on picking this place. but naturally, as with every other part of this move, that wasn’t to be in my actual apartment (when you see me whining about how everything has gone wrong with this move on social media – I’m not just being a drama queen, it’s really turning out to be true!) So, inspired by my pretty new shelf, I thought I’d cover the products I slather on my face and through my hair every day.

I start in the shower with my face wash. I don’t really have a specific product, I just kind of use whatever is around or on sale. Right now I’m using the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub which I picked up on sale at Ulta this summer and paired it with an additional coupon and rewards points, so I got two bottles for $2. I try to do a deep clean twice a month with Boots Botanics Ionic Shine Away, but sometimes I forget. Oops.

This summer I was in the market for a new primer, and right now I’m using Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm for its added SPF benefits. It’s not really a true primer so it doesn’t seem to hold makeup as well as Hourglass or Laura Mercier.

After months of trying to make do with a foundation I hated, I picked up the Naked Foundation from Urban Decay as well. It’s smooth, natural, and buildable and I apply it with a stippling brush from elf.

For my cheeks, I’m a long-time Nars Orgasm devotee. On my Ulta haul earlier this summer I was really into contouring, so I picked up a Cargo Swimmables bronzer.

Mascara is one of my favorite makeup items, and right now I use Tarte Lights Camera Lashes from the Sephora Lash Stash right now but I don’t love it. I find it a little sticky.  I don’t really wear a lot of eye shadow anymore, but I do have the Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay that I occasionally use for daytime. At night, I like using the Orgasm blush for some color. To set my face I spray on Urban Decay All Nighter – apparently I’m something of an Urban Decay loyalist now (blame all the Hard Candy nail polish I lusted after as a youth?)

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain has been my favorite go-to lip product forever, but Revlon has forsaken me and discontinued it this summer. I also like their lip butters a lot.

That’s my “everyday” face. When I’m feeling really lazy, I will just throw on some Garnier BB cream (SPF!) and call it good.

makeup shelf

At night I use whatever face wipes are on hand to scrub off the day. Right now I’m using Simple, but I also use Neutrogena and the Yes To line a lot. I really like Yes To Grapefruit – has a great smell.

My hair is kind of my baby – I use whatever shampoo is cheap, but I’m devoted to Suave’s Professionals line for conditioner. Deep conditioning once a week with their Morrocan oil-infused coniditoner makes your hair so soft (and it’s always pretty cheap too.) When I moved, my sad, broken, sucks-your-hair-in-the-motor hair dryer did not come with me, and I upgraded to a Hot Tools hair dryer, which came with a pik I’m newly obsessed with. On really humid days, I use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep to try to tame the mane a little more. Apparently the cheap hair products work too, because last time I got my hair cut (at Aveda) they assumed that I used the full Smooth Infusions line because my hair is so healthy and strong. Who knew.

What’s your favorite beauty product? I’m in the market for new concealer so make some suggestions!