#GuiltyTotalSocial: Some of My Guilty Pleasures!

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See, here’s the thing. None of my pleasures are really “guilty” – I own all of them without shame or irony. This could be a list, though, of things I should be embarrassed of… I just haven’t found the ability to care!

Ohio State. I am a diehard Michigander. I love everything about my state… except that stupid blue and yellow school. I’m a Michigan State girl at heart, but Ohio State is a close second. Thanksgiving is always a fun time in our house – it’s me and my cousin, an Ohio native, vs. the rest of our family. Guess who usually ends up on top… (Ann Arbor is still a whore.)

the ohio state university

Relatedly, Snuggies. You might think they are a joke, but my friend, they are not a joke. They have solved all of my body heat regulation problems. When I sleep, my upper body freezes, while my legs are always roasting, without fail. The Snuggie allows me to keep my top toasty and gives my legs room to breathe. Plus I can finally sit on the couch, get snugged up, and get work done. Problem solving at its finest! (I have six. They have been known to live in my car, at Sixx’s, and at my workplaces.) And if you are judging me, you have never tried one.


YA Books: I don’t care what anyone says, I love YA books. They are quick reads, usually very interesting, and for the most part (the ones I read, anyway,) are not parts of series. I’m starting to branch out more into New Adult novels as well, but I like the idea that I can sit down and have a book finished in two days. Or, if it’s any John Green novel except Katherines, I can have it done in one night. (Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars both caused me to be very exhausted at work the following day.) I really liked this Tumblr post on why we should not feel guilty about liking YA.


Dog the Bounty Hunter. I love Dog and Beth and after their A&E series was cancelled, I was so happy that CMT picked them up. (And even happier now that I have cable and can actually, you know, watch it.) The first thing I did when my cable was finally hooked up was set a series recording for their shows. I can’t explain why I love them, I just do. Also, I think I’d make a great bounty hunter. #HireMeDog.


What are your guilty pleasures?