#KeepItTight With PRO Compression in More Than One Way on the Road!

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I’ve talked before about my love of PRO Compression and how I now refuse to run without them on my tired little legs both while on the road and while recovering. I truly believe they help me recover faster, and I’ve PR’d all my races since starting to wear them to events. And the best part, recovery aside – they feel like tight little hugs on my achy muscles!


In the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of traveling – Virginia to Maryland to Michigan to Tennessee and back and forth again. When I sit for those long drives, my legs get achy and feel like leg. The first time I made the trek from Michigan to Virginia, it was so bad that I pulled over and called my mom, crying, because I was certain I had a blood clot. Now, when I’m making these long treks, I pull on my compression before I turn the key and I arrive feeling happy and ready to dance the night away! Sometimes I even wear them under my pants at work if I have a long run in the morning or am working an event where I know I’ll be on the go non-stop.

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For my first half marathon last October, I didn’t wear them during the race, but strapped them on after. I also wore them on the plane the next day, and they helped me recover, but then I wore them during Tink and NWHM. I PR’d in a big way at Nike, and was able to take on the park for an entire day following Tink. I’m not sure I would have had that in my tired legs without the little hugs!

My favorite way to wear them now, though, is definitely when I’m driving. You don’t think about how tired your legs can get when you’re sitting in a car, pumping the gas and brakes for over twelve hours. My friends might make fun of me when I show up at their doorsteps with tight, pink, knee-high socks at 2am still wearing my dress from work… but I don’t care. I feel good.

I’ve also tried other brands of compression, but there are none that I like as much as Pro Compression. I find them more comfortable and much easier to put on than others – there’s no rolling the socks up or down or struggling to get them on.

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Do you wear compression when you run or travel?

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