#FavTotalSocial – my favorite whatevers!

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Helene in Between

Another month for the #TotalSocial linkup! This month’s theme is “favorites,” so here are a few of my favorite things…

los angeles palm treesCity: Los Angeles. Yes, the city is smoggy and parts of it are slummy (like any big city,) but I love the beaches and the buildings and the culture. There’s a reason I try to make it out there once a year – it just reboots my life in a way the east coast (and even the midwest) never have.


Holiday: Thanksgiving has always been the best for me. Lots of family, lots of food, and Black Friday (say what you want – it’s family bonding time for us.) It’s gotten tougher over the years since I’ve lost my grandpa and my aunt around this time, but I’ve never fallen out of love with it.


Vacation: Ironically, the best vacation of my life is one that includes a vivid memory of me, on a balcony of a Century Plaza penthouse, singing “Sloop John B”: this is the worst trip I’ve ever been on. For two years I went out to LA with a group of my friends for the NARM conference where we networked and learned all about the music business. Not only were those trips educational, but very relaxing, and it was fun to do touristy things on Sunset Strip and put my feet in the Pacific for the first time.

Beer: I can’t lie. As much as I enjoy nice, fancy, expensive beer… Summer Shandy will always hold my heart.

Song: Obviously, this changes daily, but today (and lately) I’m really loving “Vows” by Half Light Music.

Album: Another day-to-day changer, but I’ve really been enjoying Pete Francis’ Untold all year.

the hold steady

Band: duh.


Picture: Sixx gets mad, I think, whenever I trot this one out, but I love this candid shot from one of the first times we hung out, almost two years before we began dating.

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