#9to5TotalSocial: Working for the Weekend

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Venus Trapped in Mars
This month’s #TotalSocial linkup theme is 9 to 5. A lot of people know vaguely that I work in the “sports and music industry,” but no specifics. Well, friends, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a little bit about my current 9-5 and some of the jobs of my past! (Also this is sort of an un-fun topic for me right now since I’m basically living in a sea of resumes, portfolio links, and writing samples as I revamp my portfolio website, but that’s neither here nor there.)


I have a history of working mis-mashed jobs: right now, I’m a box office manager/graphic designer/marketing pro. This means my days can vary widely: in the morning I might be putting together an eblast to be sent to 30,000 subscribers (no pressure there) or creating an event in Ticketmaster (which is very interesting to me and one of the best parts of my job, but would make most people’s eyes glass over faster than you can say “Ticketmaster”). If it’s a show or event day, I might be running all over the building delivering tickets to staff, working with the video services department on graphics, or managing the box office staff and assisting customers. Our busy season follows the academic calendar, and from September-mid May, it’s not uncommon for me to work over 60 hours per week. (Actually this year it was uncommon for me to work only 40 hours.) I do really love my job and enjoy all the different facets to it and love working in the entertainment industry. And my ticketing experience makes me extremely anti-scalping – Sarah, I have some issues with you and your tree 😉

Before I came here, I did mostly the same thing as a box office manager/marketing director for a small non-profit music organization in Michigan. I was much more marketing focused there, selling ad space, creating program books, and buying media to promote events. I worked every Symphony and choral concert as well as special events and recitals put on by the music school. This was technically a part-time position, and I used it to fulfill my degree requirement to have two internships before graduation.


In college I interned in the Grand Rapids Symphony’s marketing department (the gig that led to my paid position above) and worked in retail. I actually don’t mind retail that much and would go back to Macy’s in a heartbeat. My main scratch in college was Fashion Bug, where I made two of my best girlfriends and had more fun than anyone should have working retail. Maybe the best job I’ve ever had was in college where I worked in an ESL department. During the school year I was a front desk receptionist and during the summers I managed the special program groups where universities from overseas would send larger groups of students (8-60 from one school) for varying lengths of time to study and travel in the states. I worked with students from countries like Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan and absolutely loved it. Summers saw us travelling locally within Michigan, to bigger places like Chicago and Cedar Point, and the one trip that literally took years off my life – Niagara Falls. If you’ve never had to worry about your students getting stuck at the border, you don’t know real stress. Anyway, this job allowed me to do things I love doing (event planning, travel logistics, etc.) and the experience of working with so many different cultures in such a short period of time is something I’ll never gain from any other position. I would have happily kept this job for much longer than the two years I was there, but I transferred schools.

Fashion Bug, dirty boots at the Symphony outdoor series, and ELP trip to Frankenmuth

What is your dream 9-5? What’s the best job you’ve ever had?