May Recap & June Goals

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I feel like the wheels really fell off last month. My spending was all over, I barely made it to the gym… oh well. I have months like this every once in awhile – hopefully it’s over now and I’ll be able to get back on track this month.

May Goals

  • Only go to Starbucks once/week fail, but I did really well. There were two weeks that I went twice, but otherwise I drank coffee at work or brought drinks from home.
  • Run 75 miles fail. I barely ran and my head feels it for sure.
  • Pay $850 to my student loans fail, I only hit $613.37 because I my FSA ran out so I had to cover my dental and eye bills out of my checking.
  • Retail spending freeze HAHAHAHA. I really tried, but I had a really hard month and even though I know retail therapy doesn’t help, that’s what I did anyway.
  • Get my portfolio built check, finally.
  • Apply to 20 jobs check.
  • Pay my dental bill and fax in the paperwork check
  • Update medical paperwork check

As a bonus, I also went to the eye doctor! This has probably been on more than one monthly goal list and I never did it… this month I finally carved out a morning and got it done. It was my first eye appointment ever and it wasn’t too scary. And it was nice to hear that I do have 20/20 vision, I just have an astigmatism that needed to be fixed, so I got some fancy glasses to take care of that. I increased contributions to my 401k this month (so adult) and still managed to hit my student loan and savings goals without feeling like I was giving up or missing out on too much.

June Goals

  • Apply for 20 jobs
  • Pay $700 to student loans
  • Save $500 in my moving fund and have an exit plan
  • Run three times a week
  • Update my will
  • Redesign my resume
  • Only go for Starbucks 5 times
  • Refill meds & inhalers

If anything has become clear to me over the past few weeks, it’s this: my current living situation is not great for my mental health and it’s probably time to go. Hopefully by the end of the summer, I’ll have found a new job and moved anyway. But if not, I’m socking away as much cash as I can to evaluate the possibility of moving in August no matter what.