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Spring Favorites

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spring favorites It’s been awhile since I did a favorites post, so here are some things I’m loving lately!

entertainment favorites Sam Smith: I checked out his song “Latch” on a recommendation from Diana Agron – I’ll do anything she tells me, and I have not been disappointed. His voice is beautiful, soulful and smooth, and the lyrics are otherworldly.

Love Is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield: I saw this in a bookstore when it was first released and was always interested in it, but never picked it up until recently. Ironically, it takes place in my city, so it’s funny to picture the places they are and think about the food they are eating. It’s an emotional read (I cried more than once) but I really liked it.

Private Practice: I’m a Shondaland die-hard (#hiremeshonda) and I watched the first two or three seasons when this was on the air and then college kept me too busy to watch Thursday night TV. I put this on one night as I fell asleep and am now finishing it out. It somehow got a bad reputation, but I have really enjoyed it for the most part thus far. Plus I’m having a good time playing Shondaland Bingo – the amount of Shondacest across her shows is mindboggling.

golfdanceLost: I recently binged on Lost as well. I finished all six seasons in less than a month. It was bad – I was watching in the morning before (and at) work, taking lunches home to cram in two episodes, and watching on the treadmill in an effort to finish before I kept getting spoiled too badly. Though there was a huge uproar about the finale when it ended, I was satisfied. I still have a lot of questions, so I’ve been researching and just sitting with it for a little while, and I plan to rewatch (a little more slowly) over the summer.

food Brooklyn Summer Ale: I tried this for the first time last October after my boss raved about it all season, but I wasn’t wowed by it. It was on tap at happy hour one Friday, so I thought I’d give it another crack, and I enjoyed it a lot more this time around. Make this a contender for your summer brew of choice.

Power Ice: These are going to be great for hot summer run recovery. They’re basically electrolyte popsicles to replenish what you lose through sweat, but they’re so much better than Gatorade. In addition to helping you refuel, they’ll also help cool you down.

fashion ASOS Plunge Backless suit: so after I posted about the summer suits I was loving, I found this MEGA sexy pick from ASOS. I’m typically drawn to bandeau bikinis because I hate tan lines, but I couldn’t resist this one. (And how is this one piece, with more fabric, somehow 100% sexier than a two-piece?)

eShakti: if you’ve never heard of eShakti, go check them out NOW! They’re an amazing company who designs clothes for women of all sizes from 0-36W, and if you don’t feel like you fit into a “normal” size (like me!) they allow you to measure yourself and submit your own measurements. As if that’s not enough, you can also customize the look – pick your neckline, hem length, sleeve length, and more. The pieces are incredible quality, and I’ll be featuring the dress I got from them soon.

Crazy Compression socks: I love me some compression, and these ones are so fun. They come in so many designs and colors, and would be great for running in a LOUD outfit for fun races like 80’s runs or The Color Run. Or for going out in public post-half marathon like I did 🙂

What are you loving lately?

I was provided samples from eShakti, Power Ice, and Crazy Compression, but as always, all opinions are my own.