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Where to Eat in Chicago / Molly’s Cupcakes

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Little known fact: I love cupcakes. While I don’t really have a big sweet tooth and am not normally into frosting, I see a cupcake and I lose my mind. Molly’s Cupcakes in Chicago, IL is the source of my passion. My first encounter with Molly’s was in 2010 when I visited the city (my second home) on spring break in college. They’ve expanded now into New York City and Iowa City, so I guess this isn’t just a Chicago-centric post, so consider it a bonus 😉 They’ve been featured on many baking shows, including Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, which they won!

Miss Molly was an elementary school teacher of the founder, so the bakery is school-themed with the cutest swing seats at the bar, chalkboard walls, board games and school desks. On my first visit, my friend and I split the Ron Bennington (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and a peanut butter filling) and a Red Velvet (voted the best in Chicago!)

molly's cupcakes swing seats

Two years later on another vacation, this was my one “must stop”. This time I couldn’t resist the Cookie Monster as an homage to my favorite Sesame Street character and O. M. G. Life changing. When I said I don’t have a sweet tooth? I wasn’t 100% truthful – I live for cookie dough. Molly’s Cookie Monster is a chocolate chip cupcake with a center of chocolate chip cookie dough. (With a mini cookie on top of the butter creme frosting, just for good measure.)

It’s located on N. Clark, and after a game of Scrabble, we hopped up the road to Briar Street Theater for Blue Man Group.

molly's cupcakes scrabble

In addition to the full size cupcakes, they also have minis in most of the same flavors. If you’re in Chicago and you’re a cupcake fan (or even if you’re not, because these will really change your mind) you have to make a stop at 2536 N. Clark.

What’s your favorite cake flavor? Have you been to any mind-blowing cupcakeries?

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