April Recap & May Goals

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april recap may goals

Where is this year going? Seems like just yesterday I was celebrating New Year’s, sick on my couch with the flu. Anyway, let’s take a look at my April Recap:

  • PR at NWH YES YES YES! 2:57:30! Now onto 2:45 🙂
  • Stick to my budget pass – I went over, but not horribly, especially given that I paid $34 for parking while I was in DC -_- I never remember to budget for parking because at home, I know all the tricks to not pay for it.
  • Cook at least once a week check
  • Bring lunch at least four times a week/only eat out with someone else check, as long as Starbucks doesn’t count
  • Pay $500 to my student loans check paid $525.37. 
  • Walk to work once a week big fail. It’s not warm enough at 7:30 yet to even think about walking.
  • Max out moving fund fail not really sure where I thought I was going to find an extra $1300 to get there in one month…
  • Go to Ohio for Easter (and snuggle the shit out of my new little nephew<3) fail, I had an immovable doctor’s appointment on Good Friday so I didn’t go
  • Stick to my new nutrition plan (AKA the Beyonce life plan) check. I ate really well.
  • Calibrate all my electronic devices, clean up Dropbox check. Cleaned out the “downloads” folder on my work computer (nearly two years of font downloads, Photoshop brushes and admats…) and cleared out my overly full Dropbox
  • Try something new at the gym pass. I signed up for spin this Saturday, though, so I technically signed UP in April… I also made a friend at the gym, so that counts as something new, right?

I had a real come to Jesus moment with myself while updating my spending for the month when I realized how much I spent on food (spoiler alert, I went over by DOUBLE somehow. This might explain why I ate really well.) I’m surprised that I was able to pay so much to my loans this month and technically the last $100 payment hasn’t come out of my bank account yet, but it’s already posted on the loan system, so it counts… right?

May goals

  • Only go to Starbucks once/week
  • Spending freeze – no retail shopping
  • Run 75 miles
  • Pay $850 to my student loans
  • Retail spending freeze
  • Get my portfolio built
  • Apply to 20 jobs
  • Pay my dental bill and fax in the paperwork
  • Update medical paperwork

Starbucks is my little treat to myself. Sometimes I don’t go for two weeks and sometimes I go every day, but I want to cut back to no more than five times this month. That part should be easy – it’s the retail spending freeze that will be really hard. I want to sock away some cash to travel a bit this summer and, obviously, take bigger cracks at my student loans this month, so cutting back on food and shopping is where I’ll find that cash. I’ve been in application hyperdrive as of late, and I’ve broadened the locations I’m looking in. Originally I thought I wouldn’t be able to move to California, or I wouldn’t be able to move there solo – but I don’t care anymore. I need that sun and sand. I’ve been pushing off some sundry paperwork that I don’t feel like doing (updating contact info, faxing in receipts, etc) but that needs to get done this month.

How was your April? Are you ready for the summer sun like I am?

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