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What I Wore: Fit Style {workout wednesday}

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Sometimes when I look back on this blog, I have to laugh. I had originally started it thinking it would be more personal finance-oriented with a focus on frugal fashion. Outfits of the day breaking down the cost of each item, spending recaps, things like that. While I still try to incorporate those kinds of posts, I now mostly blog about fitness. When I started writing around two years ago, running and lifting were nowhere on my radar, and weight loss was something I thought about passively, but I was never as unhappy with my weight like many weight loss bloggers talk about. By far the most popular posts now are those about fitness fashion – I love that I’m not alone in my quest to be stylish as I sweat!

“I refuse to do anything if I can’t look cute.”

I said this a few weeks ago while trying on clothes at the local running store, and the girls around me were rolling. “You have a point,” they said. I completely believe that having a great outfit to work out in makes me more efficient. Maybe it doesn’t help most people, (and is probably totally psychological for me) but it makes me feel good, so I do it! (Sorry, every media outlet that has published articles about how people concerned with looking “cute” aren’t in it for a real workout.)

So today I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite outfits.

workout fashionThis outfit features the most expensive item in my closet, including “real” clothes. It’s the lululemon Run Full Tilt top with Ellie capris from last summer (and of course a chevron Sweaty Band.)

I tried this shirt on at Thanksgiving and didn’t buy it because of the price tag. I regret not buying it every day until I found it again (and this time it was on sale!) I didn’t wear the capris for a long time because I felt the sizing was ill-fitting, but I would be willing to try Ellie again to see if they have gotten better. This was the first time they offered their styles in XL, so maybe they’ve gotten feedback for a better fit.

IMG_2447 This is another one of those shirts that you put on and you just know. It feels like a second skin and oh, I love it. It’s a Nike Drifit 1/4 zip that I scored for around $12 at the Outlet at Thanksgiving. Under it is a lululemon Cool Racerback and a pair of black Old Navy capris ($8 on sale combined with a coupon.)








I wore this on a night where I double-dipped and did both a BodyPUMP class and Zumba (which I have been doing very rarely since my favorite teacher left.) The long-sleeve top and booty shorts are both from Gap, which I’ve mentioned many times is a favorite of mine for gear on the cheap. The shorts were $4! The top was a pricier $17, and those shoes (Nike Free Fit 2, which I only wear for classes) were another Nike Outlet find for $40. Sweaty Bands are my fave, and I picked this one up at the warehouse sale for $3!

What’s your favorite thing to work out in? Does feeling stylish motivate you?

I was provided samples from Ellie to review, but all opinions are my own.