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Toning Up With Designer Whey {spring into summer}

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For summer, I obviously want to look toned and hot in my bikinis so I’ve started to really change my workout & recovery plan. It’s no secret that I LOVE Les Mills classes, especially BodySTEP and BodyPUMP. I started taking Step last summer and got into Pump last fall, but started taking it more seriously and increasing weights about three months ago. In these couple of months, I’ve seen crazy changes in my body structure and composition (clothes are smaller but weight is staying the same = muscle mass!) In order to keep building muscle and maintain proper fueling, I’ve started to use some Designer Whey products after class.

designer whey

My absolute favorite product of theirs is the Protein 2Go post-workout recovery drink. It contains electrolytes for rehydrating after sweaty workouts along with 10 grams of protein for 1 gram of sugar. I just refill my water bottle after class, pour in the packet, and I’m good to go. Plus, these taste amazing – the mixed berry flavor tastes like Sweet Tarts, so it’s good to satiate my sweet tooth as well! Full disclosure, I expected these to taste chalky and powdery, but they’re not at all. They dissolve well in any bottle, not just blender bottles.

20140411-170957.jpgIn addition to the Protein 2Go powders, I’m a huge fan of their protein bars. So many protein bars that I have tried have that chalky or cardboardy taste, but not these. The chocolate ones are great for an afternoon snack when my sweet tooth kicks in or I didn’t eat enough at lunch. (Probably best to stay away from these if you’re counting sugar grams, though.)

I’ve used several different kinds of protein powders over the last year or so and have always used them in smoothies. Since I would feel bad waking my roommates up at 7:30am with the blender, I’ve finally started to use my blender bottles for their intended purpose. I use a scoop of the powder, mix it with peanut butter and milk, and blend for a quick breakfast when I don’t want (or don’t have time for) cereal, eggs, or waffles.

What’s your favorite go-to workout recovery routine? How are you toning up for summer?

I was provided samples to review as a Girls Gone Sporty ambassador, but all opinions are my own.