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New Shades & a $500 gift card! {spring into summer}

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Fridays will see a new feature here on the blog – I’m starting a guide to help us launch spring into summer. “But Desi, it’s barely spring!” NO. I won’t hear it. Winter was long and I need this push to look forward to steaming hot weather, long days, and lots of sunshine. To prepare for that sun and sessions by the pool, I’ve outfitted myself with two new pairs of sunglasses for the summer!

sunglassesMonday was our first really nice day of the year this season, so after work I changed into my running clothes, stole my friend’s dog, and took a cruise down for frozen yogurt. I had the opportunity to test Under Armour’s Marbella women’s sunglasses, so this was my first outing in them. I tried them on when I first received them and was really skeptical of how I would like them since they fit so much tighter than I’m used to and I have such a sensitive head that I am prone to headaches. Turns out this is (of course) perfect for running! I’ve only run in sunglasses once before and they were bouncing around all the time. These stayed perfectly still on my face and the wraparound style keeps your whole eye protected vs. fashion sunglasses where there’s extra space. This is my first pair of sport sunglasses and they are totally worth the investment if you’re on the fence. Having these for Tink Half would have been great, since my biggest debate on that race morning was to wear sunglasses or not to since I didn’t have any throwaway pairs. I really did regret running without them.

red star shades sunglassesOn my trip home, I managed to lose my favorite pair of sunglasses. My mom bought them for me in DC on her birthday trip last year, so I had them for a year exactly. (If they have the same ones when I go back in a few weeks, I’m repurchasing for sure.) At any rate, another pair of every day glasses showed up in my mail at just the right time. I got the Red Star Raven shades courtesy of Media Talent Agency. These feel great on my face (not too tight) and I really like the matte look to them. The style I got also have a little hidden design on the inside of the earpieces, so that’s just a really cute detail.

If you need some new sunglasses too, head to Red Star shades and enter the coupon codeMTA14” for a free $500 gift card (but you do have to pay shipping).

What are your favorite sunglasses? What are you doing to prep for summer?