March Recap & April Goals

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I snapped this photo at home while driving up to my alma mater. For everyone who ever thought I was joking when I said I used to be late to class because I’d get stuck behind buggies – I told you so!

IS IT SPRING YET?? I know I haven’t gotten it nearly as bad as most places, but seriously – a snow day on March 17 was the last straw for me and I am fed up. THE SNOW IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

March recap

  • Speed work once a week nope. I barely ran at all, but was consistently doing BodyPUMP 3x a week and BodySTEP 2x.
  • Run MJ8k nope. I had to work.
  • Pay $500 to student loans fail. I paid $450.37, so at least I got to within $50. 
  • Clean out my Dropbox & organize digital life fail. This needs to be a priority though. My Dropbox is ugly.
  • Mail in my Direct Debit forms for any accounts not using them, contact AES to see about rate reduction half check. I got all my forms mailed in, but didn’t reach out to AES about rate reduction.
  • Apply to ten jobs check!
  • Bring lunch four times a week check
  • Only eat out with someone else check. There was one day that I went out solo, but I consider that a win.
  • Go on a shopping ban & pantry challenge fail. I went WAY over on grocery budget. I have got to do this next month and eat through all my crap.
  • Start saving for a car check. I set up an account in Capital One 360 and started automatic savings of $20/month. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. 
  • Bring clothes to Goodwill/consignment check! Though I am constantly going through my closet and dresser, I was able to move a lot out this month. 
  • Watch House of Cards fail. Inexplicably, I started rewatching Lost instead.
  • Build professional portfolio fail. When I switched hosts, Bluehost messed up the transfer of my portfolio domain name, so it’s still in limbo somewhere. Sigh.

April goals

  • PR at NWH
  • Stick to my budget
  • Cook at least once a week
  • Bring lunch at least four times a week/only eat out with someone else
  • Pay $500 to my student loans
  • Walk to work once a week
  • Max out moving fund
  • Go to Ohio for Easter (and snuggle the shit out of my new little nephew<3)
  • Stick to my new nutrition plan (AKA the Beyonce life plan)
  • Calibrate all my electronic devices, clean up Dropbox
  • Try something new at the gym

I have gotten a lot more confident about my budget and the things I am able to realistically do now. It might be really hard to believe, but I can’t remember the last time I really “cooked” something that was not just pasta. I’m a sucker for Trader Joe’s convenience foods. There’s a post coming soon about the Beyonce life plan I have going with Athena. And as far as the gym… any words of wisdom for my first spin class attempt?

What are your April goals? Will I see you for Nike Women’s Half?