Michigan Trip Recap {& i’m really sick!}

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My trip home to Michigan was awesome. I was extremely anxious and panicked leading up to it because I was renting a car, I knew that I had packed my days so full that I would end up cutting it close on flights and visits, and definitely knew that I wouldn’t be sleeping. I stressed about money since my student loans would all be coming out during my trip and I knew I was going to want to shop and treat my mom, but I tried to be very zen.


Thursday I flew in to Detroit and rented a car for the first time. I expected it to be a fight and prepared for a meltdown because I don’t have a credit card and it didn’t really say until after I booked and paid for the rental that they recommend credit card vs. debit… whatever. It was fine. I booked through Priceline’s Name Your Own Price, saved 54% on the rental, and that was that. Good experience. Would rent again. I drove three hours over to my grandparents house, visited with them for awhile, and then spent the night in the hotel because they didn’t want me to sleep on the floor. I stopped and saw my dad at work and hashed out a quick game plan for the surprise the next morning. (And I watched Scandal in the hotel – O M G guys. Just OMG.)

Friday morning was the big surprise. My parents go to breakfast every day at the same restaurant, so we were going to come surprise them. The alarm went off at 6am, my aunt and I got ready to pick up my grandparents, and we were off. My mom had no idea and it was awesome. After breakfast, my aunt, mom, grandma and I went shopping (my mom’s favorite pastime.) That night I met up with my old friends for dinner, drinks and Cards Against Humanity.

On Saturday my mom and I spent more time with her family and then did a little more shopping. We also went to see Muppets Most Wanted which I loved! I really didn’t expect it to be very good, but it was great, and my favorite Muppets song of all-time made a reprise.

Sunday I stopped for a quick brunch bite with my family again and then headed for lunch with my best friend, my nephew, and her sister. I was so excited when they arrived at the restaurant because her brother came along too! It was a great surprise and a great visit, but way too short. I love and miss them every day. Sushi, ice cream, and baby snuggles.

Monday before I went to the airport I stopped off at my alma mater to see a friend and my old advisers. They took me to lunch, I met a few new students, and then jumped back in the car to head to the airport.

I of course caught a dealthly illness on the return flights, but that’s alright. It has kept me pretty quiet this week because it’s all I can do to prop myself up at my desk and bang away at work. I never take sick days, and if my boss wasn’t out today – I’d definitely be posted up in bed. Completely worth it for such a great weekend, though.

What is your favorite at-home remedy to get well faster? What’s the best surprise you’ve ever pulled off?

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