Dr. Cool Recovery On-The-Go {review}

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I discovered Dr. Cool Recovery On-The-Go wraps when I was having really bad knee problems, looking for a solution that didn’t involve me trying to wrap bags of ice onto myself (you can imagine how cute that was.) Dr. Cool are wraps that you can use frozen or unfrozen for extra support during a workout (or workday, if you have work-related pain.) This video gives a quick introduction:

The wraps only take 20 minutes to freeze, so when I received mine in the mail I tested it immediately, wrapping up my knee and elevating it while I watched USA hockey dominate Russia in the Olympics. Two benefits stuck out to me right away: since the ice was wrapped around and velcroed to me, I could just get up and do whatever I wanted without the production of shifting around ice bags, and the second was that with the wrap, you don’t have to use towels to protect skin from ice burn.

dr. coolAfter trying it on my knee, I also wrapped up my wrist and it was incredible. It’s so hard to ice my tendinitis because I’m not talented enough to balance an ice bag on my wrist, and my Dr. Cool wrap has alleviated so much pain. I use it two or three times a week at work now on my wrist, and as needed post-BodyPUMP on my knee. Like my also-loved KT Tape, the Dr. Cool website offers videos that demonstrate application for common injuries.

I absolutely recommend Dr. Cool to anyone who is stubborn like me and refuses to let pain stop me from a workout. The compression and ice wrap makes it possible to stay active, whether it’s lifting at the gym or going out hiking. They even sell a “Dr. Cooler” which is essentially a cooler to keep the wrap cool if you aren’t going to use it right away. (I’m going to try this out at Nike half and check it in my bag!) More info on the wrap:

Wrap what aches in a Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go Wrap. Dr. Cool is the ONLY product to combine ice and compression in one flexible wrap. Dr. Cool wraps can be used dry as a compression wrap to support and protect various body parts during activities, or frozen to combine cold and compression to reduce swelling and speed recovery mid or post-activity. To use Dr. Cool wraps as a cold compress, simply wet the wrap then roll and freeze it; Coolcore’s patented material will keep the fabric colder, longer.

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How do you treat injuries, aches and pains?

I was provided a sample for review, but as always, all opinions are my own. But seriously – this is possibly the most life-changing product I have gotten to try!