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Everything Old is New Again {money monday}

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I have been on this spending kick again lately. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS! But then I also stop, think about it, and realize that I want to move, and then I stop wanting to shop. Sort of.

I’m trying to allow myself one “fun purchase” per pay period (this time it was a sweet little dress from Altar’d State, a store with perfect clothes but a message I don’t love) and it’s working well, sort of, but I want more. Like this tumbler! And earrings. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before – it really never ends.

Since that post on conscious spending, I think I’ve done a good job at it. I’ve made choices to eat at home and pack lunches (or bring leftovers) for work, except for special occasions. Instead of mindlessly wandering the malls, I’m in a routine of hitting the gym for classes, cleaning, and grocery shopping on weekends.

During my cleaning jag this weekend, I found a way to make it feel like I was getting new things – I started cleaning out my car.


I live fully by this motto, but my car has gotten out of control. This weekend I took a bag upstairs that was full of things I’d packed up at work last …. (summer) and started going through it. Lo and behold, two of my favorite tumblers and my lost suit blazer. While roaming Kroger earlier in the day,  I had found myself wanting a fun new tumbler (even though I have no reason to get one.) Finding new/old cups satiated my need though, and made me stop browsing around.

With summer coming around, I’ll get to switch out my winter wardrobe for summer clothes (plus, with a trip back to the mitten coming soon, get to dig through my “extended storage” still at my parents house.) Maybe this will make me feel like I’m getting a new summer wardrobe, when really I just haven’t seen the clothes for awhile.

In other “everything old is new again” news, we went for a day trip and stopped into an antique store over the weekend. The Walkman I had as a kid was next to a shelf of vintage cameras! How did this happen?!

Do you shop your closets or cabinets for new finds? What’s your most horrifying antique store find?

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