February Recap & March Goals

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February Goals

  • Spend less than $220 on Pennsylvania trip nope. Went over by $17.01, but much closer than I expected.
  • Pay $450 to student loans check! Paid $525.88. I got a little overzealous and instead of saving my tax return, paid most of it to loans. There are worse ways to use it, I suppose.
  • Run 50 miles NOPE. Because of my knee injury I stuck to more low-impact or strength-only workout.
  • Go to restorative yoga regularly well… I went once. It’s one more time than I had been going.
  • Run Wine Lovers under 35 minutes (pass since it was rescheduled to March 1)
  • Do my knee and hip PT exercises five times a week nope. I pretty much knew this one was doomed from the start.
  • Bring lunch four times a week check. The fact that I did this but still went almost double over my restaurant budget tells me I have a real problem…
  • Return gifts etc. that I’m not using check, finally. There’s one thing that didn’t go back but it was a shirt that was $5 so at this point, I might just keep it.
  • Do laundry every week check. It was definitely a fight because my roommates are not the best at removing their stuff from the dryer (or transferring from washer to dryer in a timely fashion at all…) but I did it. And now I want to get rid of even more clothes.
  • Stick to my budget NOPE NOPE NOPE. Really I was doing great until the end of the month when some pretty serious stuff happened with a friend which involved a lot of alcohol and Chinese food. (And some sad impulse shopping on my own part.) Next month will be better. I did track my spending very closely this month which gave me a lot of insight into what’s going on, so I feel really good about having a handle on my money.
  • Improve work social media presence check. Before I even got around to doing anything proactive about this, I found out that we are in the top buildings for social media in the country. Sweet. I did end up putting together a social media plan, most of which was regarded as un-usable, but hey… I tried.

March goals

  • Speed work once a week
  • Run MJ8k
  • Pay $500 to student loans
  • Collect outstanding invoices
  • Find one extra income stream
  • Clean out my Dropbox & organize digital life
  • Mail in my Direct Debit forms for any accounts not using them, contact AES to see about rate reduction
  • Apply to ten jobs
  • Bring lunch four times a week
  • Only eat out with someone else
  • Go on a shopping ban & pantry challenge
  • Start saving for a car
  • Bring clothes to Goodwill/consignment
  • Watch House of Cards
  • Build professional portfolio

I feel like I have a lot of goals for March, but they are for the most part small things that I just don’t get around to doing without listing things out. For about two months I’ve had bags set aside to bring to Goodwill and I just haven’t ever bothered to drag them down to my car, I meant to do a pantry challenge in February and felt so busy like I couldn’t meal plan or anything… so those are the kinds of goals I want to focus on in March.

Thank God the spring is coming, right?!