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February Favorites

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It has been awhile since I have done a favorites post, so I thought I would churn a quick one out in case anyone is looking for some new products to try! (And this time I promise I won’t include the Palm Beach Cooler candle… if only because it’s not available anymore.)

fitleticbeltFitletic running belt – I have run my last three races (one 5k and two half-marathons) with this belt, and I’m crazy about it. The zipper pouch is the perfect size for my preferred fuel (PowerBar Energy Chews) and it will also hold my inhaler. The version I have is the single pouch with race number holder, and I have really liked not having to worry about hunting down safety pins on race day or centering my bib on my shirt.

beenchantedBath & Body Works Be Enchanted body lotion – Knowing my relationship with BBW and their scents, this will get retired soon. But in the meantime, I’m loving it. It’s sweeter than I normally use (I tend to go for the hotter, sexier, muskier scents) and normally prefer body cream vs. lotion, but they revamped their lotion formula and it’s thicker than it used to be for super hydration.

Bell’s Smitten – As everyone knows, I live for anything Michigan – especially beer. Bell’s is my favorite brewery, and I’m lucky to at least live in a state where they carry lots of their beer. When I showed up to catsit last week, I found a six-pack of their new spring seasonal and OH EM GEE it is phenomenal. I will not be found far from a bottle of this American Pale Ale until Oberon day. (February means it’s the countdown to summer beers!) Plus, I love the graphic design for this brew – the turquoise and yellow are a great combination with the flower to signal that spring is (maybe? finally?) coming.

drcoolwrapDr. Cool Wrap – I’m going to do a full review and giveaway of these next month, but after using mine this weekend, it has to make the list for a quick review. If you’ve been following along at home, you know I was diagnosed with tendinitis in September 2012, right before I moved for a graphic design job. Since then, I’ve been fighting the pain off and on using KT Tape, ibuprofen, and wrist braces. The Dr. Cool wrap is like many other support braces, except that you can use it dry or freeze it for extra relief. It’s been a game changer for me already after testing it on both my wrist and my knee.

What new discoveries have you found lately?

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Disclosure: I received some of these products as samples to review, but all opinions are my own!