January Recap & February Goals

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Even though I didn’t blog about them, I had some low-key January goals in the back of my mind. I want to get back in a habit of measuring progress, so I made some monthly goals for February as well. Let’s recap January first:

Pay $500 to student loans – check! I paid $547.12 to them.
PR at Tink half – I can’t say this is a definite check since I don’t know my time. But I would guess I that did.
Only use my Disney fund while in LA – check! And I had a boatload left in it when I got back that I rolled over to my moving fund. (Goodbye, May trip home.) For the ultra-curious, this is what that budget ended up looked like:

disneyland budget wrapup
For the record, I did not have $92 worth of fun at DCA.

Apply for 20 jobs – to be honest, I did a really bad job at tracking this, but I would estimate I applied for around 20.

Stick to the January Spending Freeze – overall, I think I did well with this. I only went clothes shopping once (at the Victoria’s Secret sale for some MUCH needed new bras and undies), and I bought a new gym bag. I had been searching for one that would fit my needs for months that wasn’t over $100, and I found a clearance bag at Marshall’s marked down to $29. I’m going to continue the freeze through February, along with this diet. And hopefully this time it will be a better freeze

February goals:

  • Spend less than $220 on Pennsylvania trip
  • Pay $450 to student loans
  • Run 50 miles
  • Go to restorative yoga regularly
  • Run Wine Lovers under 35 minutes
  • Do my knee and hip PT exercises five times a week
  • Bring lunch four times a week
  • Return gifts etc. that I’m not using
  • Read two books
  • 14 no spend days
  • Do laundry every week
  • Stick to my budget
  • Improve work social media presence

It’s a short month, so we’ll go with that. How did January shake out for you?