2013 State of the Union {year in review}

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I feel like I should be sitting down, ready to type up a grand recap of all the amazing things I did this year.

Not to minimize myself – I did do some great things – I’m just not all that impressed by them.

I paid off my smallest student loan. I ran two half marathons. I got a raise at work and started my 401k. I lost some weight. I moved and got some of my teeth fixed and hit the lowest lows I’ve ever experienced with my depression.

But none of it feels all that satisfying. (Well, paying off the student loan and running those races. Those are satisfying.) I’m not trying to be overdramatic or focus on the negative, but 2013 was a rough year. The last few have been hard and comparatively, this one was survivable. But you guys, if 2014 isn’t amazing I’m not sure what will ever make up for it.

January – Sixx came to visit for my birthday

january 2013

February – my nephew was born, I won a Girls Gone Sporty grant


March – mom came to visit for her birthday, we went to Washington DC, and I went to Gatlinburg for Easter with NP + fam. I interviewed for my dream job and did not get it. I did see Kermit the Frog and that removed some of the sting.

march 2013

April – honestly – I didn’t do anything overly memorable in April. No travel, no races. My instagram from that month is just cats and wine.

May – I “ran” the Flying Pig 5k with NP, my first race ever. I also moved and made my first trip back to the mitten since I moved south.

may 2013

June – paid off my smallest student loan, was featured in the “People of Charlottesville” blog

first loan payoffpplofcville

July – I raced a one-miler in the rain. I’d never run in the rain and was just impressed with myself that I did not fall down. traveled to Ohio to see Sixx and my family. Cory Monteith passed and I have not handled it with any ounce of grace.

july 2013

August – I took August very easy in order to prepare to get back into the busy season at work. Lots of time reading (and drinking) poolside, and I got my iPhone.

august 2013

September – traveled to Ohio to visit Sixx for Labor Day weekend, ran Color Me Rad and Cosmic Run in the same day, saw Mayer Hawthorne

september 2013

October – traveled to Cleveland to run my first half!, won an iPad mini from Empowered Dollar/Student Loan Hero, paid off my dental bills, saw Pearl Jam

october 2013

November – ran my second half, saw Amos Lee, traveled to Ohio for Thanksgiving

november 2013

December – traveled to Ohio for Christmas, I shopped a lot.

december 2013