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2014 Race Plans {fitness friday}

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I have been getting very amped up about next year’s race schedule, even though I feel like I can’t really plan for it yet. Since I’m still hoping to be relocated not too long into the new year, and because I want to focus most of my money toward debt repayment and savings instead of racecations, I plan to run mostly local races. I definitely want to run 14 races (probably not 14 half-marathons because $$$), but right now it’s hard to plot out what/where those are going to be. Here is my current 2014 race calendar:

January 19: runDisney Tinker Bell Half
February 15: Wine Lovers 5k
March 29: Charlottesville Ten Miler
April 26: Blue Ridge Half Marathon
April 27: Nike Women’s Half
May 10: Riverbank Run 25k
November: runDisney Wine & Dine

Some pretty big aspirations already. Two halfs in one weekend, and the Riverbank Run. I have secretly wanted to do that race for years, even when I was saying how badly I hated running and how that couldn’t be fun and oh my gosh what is wrong with those people. So I think this will be the year. I’ll have to fly home, but at least I’ll be in Michigan. I’m trying to recruit friends and family to do it with me.

I plan to do Wine & Dine with NP to get my Coast to Coast medal, so I hope I end up liking runDisney and that I still like running by November. 🙂 I would like to do an Atlanta race to visit my BFF, and potentially the Detroit Women’s Half or Detroit Half.

I want to add some Rock ‘n Roll races to my list – I badly wanted to do the DC half, but registration is $130! That is crazy. I will probably do Cleveland again, and Vegas is on the bucket list, but November is so far away. I hate being in this weird state of flux where I’m not sure I’m going to stick in one place for very long. As a result, next year might not be The Year of the Marathon either… we’ll see where I end up.

Are there any must-do races in the Virginia/DC area in the beginning of the year? Are you going for 14 in 14?