Last Minute Gift Guide for Procrastinators

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last minute gift ideas for procrastinators
I’m not typically a procrastinator. I’m really not! But it was harder than usual for me this year to get into the “holiday spirit.” (Maybe it’s because I don’t really have any gift shopping to do this year.) At any rate, I put together a drive-by gift guide for all the procrastinators with things that can be picked up and put together pretty quickly. If you need to purchase a gift for someone, or if you have people hounding you about what you want and have no answer – these are a few of my suggestions. I am a big believer in functional, useful gifts – no shelf clutter for me, thanks. (Bonus – today is Free Shipping Day and the last day many online retailers tout Christmas delivery!)

I know that gift cards have a stigma of being impersonal, but they’re one of my favorite things to receive. Just take care to get a gift card your loved one will actually use – if you know someone doesn’t drink coffee, don’t stick a Starbucks reward in their card. This year, my cousin got me a gift card to Old Navy because he noticed that my favorite running capris are from there, and I thought that was great. My grandparents also gave NP and I Disney gift cards to use on our trip! These can really be the perfect personalized gift for someone (and easily picked up at the last minute.)

Concert tickets are another easy pickup. For the ultimate procrastinator, you could buy tickets, print them, and have them ready for gifting in less than five minutes – just make sure you stick to or another legitimate website (ie no stubhub or other resellers!)

If you waited until the very last second and have many people to shop for, consider personalized gift baskets. In lieu of an actual basket though, wrap contents in something more utilitarian – a laundry basket for a college student, or a trash can for someone in a new apartment. (You can laugh, but I was so happy to get a nice new trash can last year.) These are easy to do en masse – pick up some cute coffee mugs, some bath and body products, and some coffee or chocolate (coffee or tea for me please, I’m not a chocolate girl) and viola. Or get really creative, like some of these on Pinterest! Spend one evening on these and you’re set.

Runners, to me, are much easier to shop for. NP is the only person I did do a gift basket for this year and it was a half-Christmas, half-birthday, half-thank-you-for-going-to-Disneyland-with-me gift. Here are a few of the things I stashed in it!

KT Tape is always a must have. I use it for running and for my tendonitis, and when NP started complaining about new knee/IT Band pain, my first reaction was to tape up her leg.

I won a Simple Hydration water bottle a few months ago, and since I got the seam whittled down so it doesn’t scratch me while I run anymore, I’ve been loving it. These are great for outdoor long runs because you can tuck it into your waistband without another thought.

I love my hipS-Sister for wearing around the gym during circuit training, or wearing with outfits that don’t have pockets. Slip this bad boy on, secure your necessities in the zippered pockets, and you’re good to go.

Sometimes the inserts of your tennies shoes get worn out and smelly – enter Ortholite. Remove the offense insert and replace it with one of these. They can be cut down to fit your shoe (even dress shoes for additional comfort), and the company makes donations with each pair of soles sold. Plus these are the perfect size for a stocking! 🙂

Sweaty Bands are another must-have for the stocking. They’re offering free shipping to arrive Christmas Eve today, plus 25% off with code “CHEER”!

What are your favorite last-minute go-to gifts?

This post contains affiliate links. I was provided samples for review by Ortholite, Sweaty Bands, and hipS-Sister, but all opinions are my own.