That’s procedure! {on life as a “routine” person}

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I confess.

I have been a sloth.


I know I have been a sloth for the last ~month, and I consumed without abandon during Thanksgiving (it’s not that I ate all that much – even though I was in charge of cooking, I don’t like much Thanksgiving food. It was finally the year I had to drink to deal with my family) so I shouldn’t have been surprised when the scale jumped back up.

The days are shorter now so I also shouldn’t be surprised that my mood continues to be very up and down – last year I was working so much and was in such a rigid schedule that I never had too much time to think about how I was feeling.

This week I have made a really concerted effort to get back into that routine. Monday was hard because we had an hour delay to go into work, my gym opened late, and we had no power when I woke up. So that day not included, this is pretty much how my week has gone:

  • 7:15: alarm goes off
  • 7:45: actually get out of bed. shower, hair, etc. pack a lunch if I’ve not packed it the night before, make myself a chai latte, go to work
  • 8:15-5ish: work
  • after work-7 or 8: go to the gym
  • 8: eat a small dinner, drink tea, to be in bed by 9

and that’s really that. It’s simple, but I’ve kind of learned that I’m a person who needs this kind of structure. I’m working to move my workouts back to the morning, but my 6am alarm always gets ignored. The thing that was making me not go to the gym or not stick to “the plan” was dating this guy. I do still like him very much, but I also like not being hurt, so I’m trying to pull back a little and be a little more self-involved. That’s typically a bad thing to say I’m sure, but… it’s true. I’m awesome. 🙂

So that’s what I’m up to right now! Remembering that working out makes me feel awesome and does wonders for the esteem and that ain’t nobody got time for a man who doesn’t put them first 😉 To be honest, it is a little frustrating to feel like I “have” to run on this schedule to be a functioning person. But tonight is my Christmas work party, so we’ll see if it really does mess me up or if I’m able to stick to it tomorrow.

Are you a schedule person, or are you better with spontaneity?