Hello again.

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Well hello!

I’m back from a much-needed break. Seems that post-marathon depression, mixed with a perfect storm of other things, all culminated to make me bonk. Here’s what I’ve been up to, in brief:

20131122-112404.jpgI ran two races: the Danger! Zombies! Run! 5k here in town as well as the Real Girls Run half-marathon. I’ll be posting a recap of that fail of a race but suffice to say… I’m just happy to have finished both of them. The 5k was basically 3 miles of hills and was my slowest 5k yet.

20131122-112429.jpgI’ve been focusing on a lot of Les Mills & kettlebells classes lately. I’m loving the change in my workouts.

20131122-112447.jpgI saw Amos Lee this week. I’ve seen him before and he continues to blow my mind. I was in the front row and I’m pretty sure I got pregnant.. he is the sexiest man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

20131122-112437.jpgI’m really trying to make the best of being in a situation I don’t necessarily want to be in. Still seeing the new guy, trying to be engaged around campus and go to events and maybe even make some friends. I remain skeptical about the necessity of friends, but I hear they’re good for mental health.

And that’s it in brief! I am thankful to be leaving for holiday break on Monday afternoon and getting off to Ohio. What are your Thanksgiving plans?