September Recap & October Goals

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Happy October 1! This has always been one of my favorite months because the weather is perfect and the scenery in Michigan is always so beautiful. It’s one of the things I miss most now that I live down south. September was one of those months where I sort of forgot I had made goals until, you know, September 29, so let’s see how it went.

  • Continue tracking food and spending check. I am doing really well at this, even tracking the bad days and writing down EVERYTHING, even when it’s ugly. My pretty May Books help me stay motivated!
  • Only go out to eat twice hahahahahahaha nope.
  • No added trips check. I stuck to my plan and did not sneak off to Ohio or even up to DC. I am trying to plan a trip back home before the end of the year, but it will probably not be in the cards.
  • Save $500 for Disney I can’t remember if this was supposed to be to just have $500 in my Disney account, or to save $500 in the month of September. There’s currently over $500 in it at least.
  • Finish a 5k in 35 minutes check, assuming the Color Me Rad course was actually 3.1 miles
  • Sign up for Richmond 8k this is not happening because there’s a basketball game I have to work that day
  • Run 70 miles I am not going to say this is a fail, but it did not happen because I got sick
  • Pay $800 to debt fail
  • Engage in two complaint-free days (this is going to really take some planning on my part) I’m marking this as a pass, since I really kept my head up in the face of some crummy adversity this month

My September goals went about as well as I expected. To be honest – I just really wanted to do that 35 minute 5k. If that was the only thing I accomplished, I would have been happy. October goals are a little sparse just given everything I have going on at work.

  • Pay $800 to debt
  • Pay off dental bill
  • Continue food and spending tracking
  • Get my brakes changed
  • Go apple picking
  • Walk to work once a week
  • Go to BodyPUMP once a week
  • Stay under budget for my Cleveland trip

I’m not setting a goal for the half marathon because I don’t want to be disappointed. I do have a time in my head that I want to beat, but I’m trying to ignore it. Finishing should be enough for me, since a year ago I couldn’t even run for 30 seconds before I had to stop, or panicked, or couldn’t breathe. Any progress is a win 🙂

What’s your October like?