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Armpocket Review + Giveaway! {fitness Friday}

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I had been looking for an armband for my phone for a long time. First I thought the reason I couldn’t find one was because I didn’t have an iPhone (I was rocking a Droid for the longest time, and a Blackberry before that), but when I finally got an iPhone, I found the same problem. It’s difficult to find armbands for iPhones that are in Otterbox or Lifeproof cases. Earlier this summer after some Googling, I stumbled upon Armpocket. They have several different sizes of cases and really cute colors, so I was excited to find something I thought would work.

When I got an iPhone and could finally use Nike+, I wanted an armband so I could track my mileage. The first band I tried was by Nike, but it DEFINITELY would not accommodate even a small clip-on case. I started looking for something bigger and I liked the fact that an Armpocket could not only hold the Otterbox case (a necessity – I drop my phone constantly) but also had room for energy bites, cash and ID – and can even hold my inhaler. My model is the i-30 model in color “Splash.” I got the medium length.

Truly a runner's desk - that's a tube of Nuun and a roll of KT Tape in the background :)
Truly a runner’s desk – that’s a tube of Nuun and a roll of KT Tape in the background 🙂

I’ve had it for a month now and I will say that it did take some adjusting. I went from running with nothing on my person to a big pouch on my arm, and it did take some breaking in. Initially I thought I didn’t order a long enough strap, but it has stretched out a little and the soft padding in it has worn down. It actually feels really comfy now that it is broken in.

Another reason I liked Armpocket so much is that they have great customer service. The rep I worked with, Amanda, told me to let her know if I had any questions regarding difference in the models or what length to order. I didn’t, but approachability and great customer service is really important to me in companies, so that was a great A+ for me.


After I got my own, I won a second in a giveaway from Runaway Royalty. I figured I didn’t need to be stockpiling Armpockets (but how nice would it be to match every outfit :)) so I asked my mom what color and model she would like. She picked the i-25 in pink and has worn it a few times while walking at her gym. Since she doesn’t have a smartphone, she uses this to carry her iPod and cell phone. I asked what her thoughts were:

It is very comfortable. I thought it would scratch my skin because of the velcro fastening, but it felt good on my arm. I like that I don’t have to look for pants with pockets in them or hold onto my iPod.

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I’m really happy with the Armpocket. Do you use an arm band when you work out? What’s the most important thing you look for in choosing one?

Armpocket provided me with a sample to review, and then I won the second in Meg’s runaversary giveaway.