Sick Girl Problems

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I am Sick with a capital S. All I want to do is lay in bed, which is precisely what I did when I got home from work last night. (And I might even have eaten some really bad for me food. I’m justifying it by saying that I live alone and none of my friends or family are here to take care of me, so convenience and comfort are winning.) A few weeks ago, I thought I was coming down with something, so I backed way off training. But this time I’m feeling so crummy that I don’t even WANT to be running where last time I pulled back to keep myself from getting even more sick. It makes me nervous so close to the half to not be running, but I would rather be healthy than shooting for an unrealistic goal.

I would love to be laying at home in my bed all day today, but the season at work is gearing up to start on Saturday with the biggest performer I can think of out there right now – too much work to do for a sick day! Here’s my grown-up-sick-day-comfort-kit that I’m dreaming of to get me through the day:

  • Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon tea: luckily, I do get to drink this baby at work. My (also sick) boss and I have been killing my box of this. It feels great on my throat, it’s opening my
  • Canada-Dry-Ginger-Ale-6-Pack-Bottlenasal passages, and the taste is to die for.
  • Cookie dough: sad but true. I’m not even nomming on the healthy stuff (is there a healthy cookie dough?) but instead some refrigerated dough I impulse bought at the grocery store a few weeks ago. (Great for my diet, right?)
  • My Snuggie: get on your Snuggie, folks. I’m crazy for this sleeved blanket and have been for several years. My mom got me this primo microplush one for Christmas 2011.
  • Ginger ale: True to my northern nature, specifically Canada Dry or Vernors, and even more specifically, the little glass bottled kind. It just tastes better in bottles. (I actually sent an intern out to buy me some for lunch yesterday.)
  • Scandal: I love Joshua Malina and I am one of those girly girls who will eat up anything Shonda Rhimes puts out. Over the last three days, I’ve almost completely rewatched the series.

What are your best tips on how I can get on the mend quickly?