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Ways to Save on Fitness {money monday}

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A few weeks ago, I presented reasons why I have kept my gym membership even though I’m working to pay off my student loans. Even though I prefer to work it out in the gym, it’s not the only way to work out! There are some great cheap or even free resources available as well. If you’re not comfortable being active in front of others, these are also great ways to exercise in more private arenas.

  • Create a Home Gym – I do have some equipment at home which I’ve gotten using Swagbucks and Amazon to slowly built a yoga/stretching area in my room. They have all kinds of weights, yoga equpment, and workout DVDs. If I had the room, I’d love to work out to these DVDs by Richard Simmons and Pure Barre – and Carmen Electra’s Fit to Strip series was popular in my college dorm 😉
  • YouTube – If you don’t want to invest in any DVDs, YouTube is a great resource! If you like Zumba, there are tons and tons of videos – some of them are full length at an hour of moving and grooving, or find your favorite songs and create your own playlist to work through. You could also pull on the legwarmers and hit it with a full-length Sweatin’ to the Oldies session (one of my guilty pleasures….) No matter what your pleasure, you can probably find it on YouTube, including Tone It Up and Tae Bo.
  • Community Classes – some gyms or studios offer classes open to the public at discounted rates or even at no charge. My local lululemon store has a free yoga class on Saturday mornings that I sometimes enjoy going to, and even my fancy-schmancy gym offers a 25 days for $25 deal twice a year. If you’re looking to get some variety into your already established and comfortable routine, these can be good options too. If there’s a healing arts studio near you, check them out too – the one in my town offers yoga classes (as well as acupuncture and massage therapy) on a sliding scale.
  • Phone Apps – my iPhone is my greatest aide in running and other types of workouts. I not only use it for music, but also to log my workouts. I like Nike+ Running to track miles and routes when I’m not on a treadmill, and I really like Sworkit to help me stretch out. One of my favorite new fitness apps, and definitely one of my favorite ways to tone up at home, is the new Blogilates app. If you aren’t a mobile user, all of the workouts are also on the website and YouTube channel. She even created a new beginner’s calendar. This is a FANTASTIC workout that will definitely leave you feeling it the next day. In addition to tracking and videos, I also use my phone to make money while losing weight. DietBet (which is also available on desktop computers) rewards you by putting up money that you’ll lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. If you win, you split the pot with everyone else who does it. I also really like GymPact, which charges you if you fail to work out. You don’t even need to go to a gym anymore – just strap it to your body and let it track your home workout for 30 minutes. Use code “GymPact$5” when signing up to start for free!

What’s your favorite way to work out on the cheap? Any apps I should check out?