My Newest Love Affair: Sweaty Bands Review {fitness & fashion friday}

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Earlier this year when I started really working on training for Flying Pig, I’ll be honest – I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew I needed something that would motivate me and make me want to get in the gym – who would figure that a headband would be impetus for that! In February or March, I ordered my first two Sweaty Bands – Run Michigan and Run Cincinnati. (My face doesn’t show it in this photo, but Run Michigan is probably my favorite piece of workout wear I own!)

Then at the Flying Pig expo, I bought a couple more (they were my only MUST VISIT booth there!). My cousin even bought one to match my Run Cincinnati one, and I’m sure we looked very cute with our matching headbands and shirts. The Sweaty Bands did exactly what they advertise for me – they didn’t move at all while I was running and I never had to consider my hair getting in my way. Fast forward to my next race in July, where I chose a different brand of headband. Since I didn’t know any different, I expected it would do just fine – wrong! It flew off my head when I picked up the pace for the final sprint to the finish line. (I actually didn’t even know it fell off until I was walking back to my car and found it on the side of the race path.) Lesson definitely learned – my head is strictly for Sweaty Bands now.

This past weekend in a class, my favorite instructor at the gym asked for sweat band recommendations as sweat kept getting in her eyes. After class I ran up and told her that I swear by Sweaty Bands, even though I don’t sweat into my eyes. Wouldn’t you know it – I forgot my headband for the next BodySTEP class… and dripped sweat into my eyes. I imagine that’s what getting maced must feel like! I wear them to keep my hair in place anytime I’m at the gym whether I’m running, doing kettlebells, in a dance class, and even at the pool.

sweaty bands collage

Basically, I’m having a love affair with my Sweaty Bands. They’re pricey, but to me, they’re definitely worth it. I’d rather pay a little more to rock headbands that I know won’t move, will keep my hair in place without giving me a headache (I have really thick hair and a lot of headbands don’t take that into account, so they give me those pinchy-headaches), and are super cute than run the risk of losing them mid-race or suffering some pain. I’m a big fan of the Run This Town series (I now have Michigan, two different Cincinnati designs, and Boston), but they have all kinds of designs . You can even represent your sorority or favorite non-profit. Next on my list to buy is the cute chevron print.

Do you use Sweaty Bands during your workouts? What’s your favorite print?

I was not paid to write this post – Sweaty Bands did provide me a free headband to review, but all opinions are my own.