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Workout Wrap-up, August 14-20

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I’m trying to do a much better job at tracking my workouts instead of just photographing them on my phone for posterity. All that really does is show me that I make the same silly cartoon face in every gym selfie I take.

workout wrapup 814-821

Wednesday, August 14: rest day

Thursday, August 15: Kettlebell class, 50 minutes, ran 2.5 miles, 30 minutes. I had originally intended for this to be a 5 mile day, but because of my work schedule, I don’t often get to go to a lot of the classes I want to because they start so early. I guess I left work early this day and stumbled onto a Kettlebell class that was just starting. It tore me up and felt great! The only downside is that I was wearing my Mizuno running shoes and they don’t feel very good for standing in place. I was honestly sore for days after.

Friday, August 16: ran 3 miles, ~40 minutes, plus some quality time with The Stick to work through hip pain

Saturday, August 17: BodyPUMP/BodySTEP interval class, 90 minutes. I was SOAKING WET after this class! I still don’t LOVE BodyPUMP, but my favorite instructor co-teaches this with another super motivational teacher, so I can take it.

Sunday, August 18: ran 6.2 miles, 90 minutes. This went REALLY REALLY WELL! I felt great and finally found the set of treadmills that don’t have 30 minute time limits. As soon as I got on – probably a mile in – I had to pee SO BAD but I wasn’t getting off and starting over or clearing the progress I had already made. I did a lot of run/walking, then for the last two miles I alternated every tenth of a mile. It was effective, but I don’t know how to translate that into running outside. (Also I almost ate sh!t – for someone who considers herself a dancer, I must not be very graceful, but I’m gonna blame it on the weird treading.) I set a goal that I wanted to do this in an hour and a half, and I think my actual time was 1:28. I wanted to be sure and take it easy and also the treadmill reset down to 0mph after every “segment” so that was obviously less than ideal. I’ll take it.

Monday, August 19: rest day

Tuesday, August 20: BodySTEP, 60 minutes

I also want to note that all of my running is either on a treadmill or on the gym indoor track. I’m not sure what makes me so jumpy – the rash of abductions in the news lately, the shooting I was involved in a few years ago – I don’t know what it is, but I don’t feel comfortable running outside solo quite yet. I do live in a very runner-friendly community and there are a lot of run groups to get involved with, I’ve just been intimidated by it because everyone is so fast and I’m… not.

I’m getting SUPER excited for Cleveland, though. I wish it was tomorrow! There’s a half nearby in November that I signed up for as well (the same weekend as the Richmond Marathon, which I’m still thinking of racing in) and my weekends are getting filled quickly.

How do you track your workouts? What are you training for?