Tune Tuesday: Listen to the Mitten

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I’ve been really homesick again this week – what’s new? To remedy it, I’m trying to surround myself with things that make me think of home and building up my Listen to the Mitten playlist. This tune Tuesday is another week of celebrating the music of my people!


they’re tearing the Buick City Complex down, I think we’re the only people left in town. do you wanna mess around?

she gets herself up every morning, pulls herself right out of bed says “life, you gotta give me something to get this worry out of my head.”

all of Detroit waves goodnight spread out beneath me now. if I could, if I could change, believe me I would, I would

there’s really no use for a brand new convertible ’cause it’s a mile to your parents, a mile to the store. turning our bottles for ten cent deposits, I’ll drink us $2 more.

Ten cent deposits are one of the things I miss most about home! Was so hard to get used to missing that once I moved.