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Runcation Budgets {money monday}

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Running is expensive, you guys! I didn’t know that when I started. I didn’t know that travelling for races (or even races in your own state) would be so pricey. Now that I’ve had some time to sit down and consider a “real” budget for Disneyland, it also made me realize I should probably lay one out for Rock ‘n Roll in October, too!

The Cleveland half will be considerably less expensive because I’ll be staying with Sixx, who lives just outside the city. That race cost $72.39 with the National Running Day discount, so that’s already paid out. I’m torn right now between flying and driving – if flights are still as low as they are right now, I’m going to buy a ticket on Friday. It would give me more time with Sixx and I really hate driving. Right now, those flights are $303 (bummer, I should have bought last week for $30 less). I’m considering getting a hotel in the city the night before the race, which I could probably snag for $40, and I would really like to go to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame since I have (incredibly) never been, so that’s $18. If I fly and get a hotel, the budget for Cleveland is $407. I don’t anticipate eating out very much because I don’t want to eat the wrong thing and tank my first half, so we will probably just cook at home and Sixx can go right ahead and stock that fridge for me 🙂

The Disney budget is coming together, finally. The race entry fees were $186.88 (OUCH) and the team registration was $17.88. I’m currently finding flights from DC to LAX for less than $200 which is fantastic news, but I hesitate to buy since I’m still secretly hoping I won’t be in this area for a whole lot longer. We’ll be there for four days, so I’m budgeting $200 for food hoping that we will eat breakfast in-room, pack a lunch, and then have nice dinners or fill up on bad park snacks. I don’t think I’ll eat $50 worth every day, but I also don’t know how much time we’ll be in the park. Our hotel stay will be around $250 each, but NP said she would cover it as my birthday gift. I’m adding it into my budget anyway. We are talking now about renting a car, which in all my travel I have incredibly never done, and am estimating around $100 split between us for that (less if they offer discounts.) Adding in $150 for shopping or incidentals, I’m looking at $1,104.76 for my runDisney trip.

All of that together will total $1,511.76. YIKES. Adding all that up definitely makes me reconsider signing up for the other races I wanted to add to my plate! How do you fund your running habit?