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In Search of a Marathon

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That’s right – I’ve decided to run a marathon. (Yes, I am deciding this before even before finishing a half-marathon.) It turns out I’m a little more motivated by jealousy than I had ever really thought – let me explain.

I grew up with this set of amazingly talented twins. I won’t say too much about them, but I will say that they were everything I wanted to be – crazy good at my favorite sport, insanely smart, went to the best Ivy League college. I was completely jealous that they got everything I wanted. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I saw a picture of one of them wrapped in a space blanket after what was apparently his first marathon.

Well hey, I thought, I’m a runner too. And I’m tired of feeling like they are better than me. So naturally I’m going to run a marathon to prove to myself that I am 100% just as good as he is, med school or no. So – that’s how I made this decision.

I currently have two halves on the schedule – Rock ‘n Roll in October and Tink in January, so I’m looking for something next spring after college basketball season (my busy season at work) ends. I’m trying to figure out what the optimum recovery time post-half, pre-full training would be (do you absolutely have to rest? Couldn’t I just make, say, Tink one of my long runs on that plan?) Here are the races I’m considering:

  • Charlottesville Marathon is in April, though I can’t find any exact dates for the 2014 event.
  • Flying Pig would be a great first full since it is sort of where I really started to run! The only reason I’m not sold on it is that I want to run in different states, but I do want to organize my cousins to do the marathon relay at Pig and maybe do the three-way on my own.
  • Georgia Marathon falls at a good time, and my best friend does live in Atlanta, but the bling doesn’t call out to me.
  • There are several Rock n Roll dates and events that would fit in, including DC (USA) and Nashville. These are the ones I’m leaning toward, and I’m even considering getting a Tour Pass for next year.

Really, I’m leaning toward Nashville or DC, but if I can’t get off work for two races, I’m going to do Flying Pig.

So, there it is, blogworld. I want to run a marathon. Help?