July Recap & August Goals

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WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE? Seriously. It seems like just yesterday it was May and I was getting ready for my vacation home and planning for other summer outings. (Spoiler alert: as with any summer, most of them haven’t happened :)) Here’s how my July goals panned out, even though the month went wooshing past me.

  • Track spending big fat FAIL. I did alright the first half of the month and then it fell apart
  • Lose 5 pounds I’m saying pass on this only because I have no idea what I weighed on July 1. Oops.
  • Go to King’s Island check! I went solo on July 5.
  • Pay off another dental bill check, and I actually ended up paying off two because there was a surprise one that came in the mail from my dentist (isn’t there always a surprise one?)
  • Go on a shopping ban following July 4th weekend pass? Kinda? I ended up buying an iPhone and some accompanying accessories and a new dress since nothing fits.
  • Juice 2 meals a day 4 times a week this was a fail because I never wanted to go grocery shopping 
  • Sign up for two more races check! I signed up for and ran in a small race where I live and signed up for Tink Half, and also became an ambassador for Color Me Rad’s fall race in Richmond
  • Read one book check – I actually read three. I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower for an infinite time, The Fault in Our Stars (three times…) as well as Looking for Alaska.
  • Track my blood pressure before & after workouts I did not do this because my symptoms have seemed to disappear as quickly as they came back. Oh well. Someday I’ll figure out wat causes them.
  • Do two secret shops check – I actually ended up doing four or five.
  • Deliver my next load to Goodwill pass. It’s sitting in a bag ready to go, I just haven’t made it.
  • Do a Vlog nope.
  • Pay another $800 to debt ugh fail. Paid $469.40. I need to get back on my budget game for real!
  • Finish my “life binder” nope. I’ve been working on it little by little, but it’s a big project.

And my August goals:

  • Thankful Thursday 
  • Live according to a budget
  • Do four secret shops
  • Pay $900 to debt
  • Sell five things
  • Get my brakes changed
  • Go wine tasting
  • Read four books
  • Run 60 miles (EEP)
  • Get some new wardrobe staples to supplement current closet, spend under $150 (I’m now going through three outfits every morning before I find something that fits well enough to wear to work. Weight loss problems.)
  • Apply to two jobs

That should be enough to make me feel accomplished and help me keep from spending too much! Right? Right??