My Last $100

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Good morning and welcome if you’re a new reader! My first guest post at When Life Gives You Lemons… Add Vodka on advice I wish I could beat into mini-Desi went live this morning. If you are new, check the sidebar for links to follow me via RSS or on Bloglovin!

I’m a devout reader of The Billfold and I love their recurring features, including My Last Hundred Bucks. My last $100 is embarrassing in that I splurged on something I almost never do. I think in my life I’ve done this now five times, and only paid for them myself twice. These are always in the list of “ways to cut costs and save money every month!” and as a result I was stunned by the number of people who consider this a monthly necessity! Figure out which one it was:

  • $37, pedicure
  • $40, groceries*
  • $24, oil change

    Pretty, but really not worth it.

Well, it would have been harder to pick out in a different week, but groceries and oil kind of cancelled out the surprise factor 🙂 I had a dream on Friday night about having a pedicure. I couldn’t shake the feeling, and thought it would relax me, so Sunday afternoon I headed out for one. It was alright, but I regret wasting $37 on it. Live and learn.

The oil change was a secret shop I’ll end up being reimbursed for next month.

Groceries has an asterisk by it because I’m pissed about how high it was. I had projected my spending for that trip to be roughly $25… clearly, I failed. Original retail was $100 and I know I should still be pleased with that 60% savings, especially in a haul that was very focused on meat and gluten-free foods, but I still missed the mark. Bummer. Eating healthy is so expensive, but I’ve been gluten-free for a whole week now. I’m not noticing a lot of difference in the way I feel, so I probably will not make a point to continue it. Now if I could just strip myself of this newly discovered sugar addiction…

Where did you drop your last hundred bucks?