July Goals & June Recap

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It ended up being a spendier month than I had hoped! I’m going into July with a new resolve, though. Let’s roll tape:

  • Sign up for dance class on hold. I put this on an indefinite hold to work through my injury, plus I’ve started doing Zumba really regularly and I think my dancing desire is being fulfilled 🙂
  • Make travel plans for July 4 check. After a lot of fighting and nearly booking a plane ticket to see a friend in Atlanta instead of visiting family who couldn’t get it together, I’m going to Ohio.
  • Read two books fail. I read one at least!
  • Go to the theme park near me (thanks for the free tickets, Coke!) check. I didn’t waste any time on this goal, going on June 1, and I reviewed the park here (and discovered that I’m officially a Park Snob!)
  • Pay $800 to my debt check. I paid $818.52 this month, including paying off my smallest student loan which meant I got to see this for the first time:

first loan payoff

  • Set up my 401k check. It won’t hit my checks for one or two pay periods, so I’m not sure how it will effect my monthly take-home, but at least it’s something to cross off!
  • Get my budget back on track
  • Finish unpacking I’m as unpacked as I think I’m going to get. Apparently the guys got a storage unit which we really have no need for but I’m sure I’m going to have to put in for it, so I might take some of the things under my bed out to it.
  • Buy a bikecheck! I bought one for $80 on craigslist.
  • 20 No Spend Days big fat FAIL.
  • Sign up and start training for a half marathon check. I signed up for the Rock ‘n Roll Cleveland Half and to say that I’m terrified is an understatement.

My July goals are mostly money-centric:

  • Track spending
  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Go to King’s Island
  • Pay off another dental bill
  • Go on a shopping ban following July 4th weekend
  • Juice 2 meals a day 4 times a week
  • Sign up for two more races
  • Read one book
  • Track my blood pressure before & after workouts
  • Do two secret shops
  • Deliver my next load to Goodwill
  • Do a Vlog
  • Pay another $800 to debt
  • Finish my “life binder”

You’ll notice that tracking my BP is on the list for this month. In high school, I had some pretty crazy symptoms including passing out at random. The worst was during an outdoor band performance in December, when my fellow drummers had to carry me inside and I woke up being held up by my director. Doctors could never figure out what the cause was, and eventually it stopped happening. This is all to say – I have naturally low blood pressure, I’ve been having the symptoms again, and I’ve noticed that my already-low BP has been bottoming out while I’m in the gym. (It went down 20 points during an hour on the elliptical.) I want to hit a doctor’s office with solid documentation so they can’t just brush me off.

Happy July!